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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bean Madness - Saturday's Music for Tonight

Sometime ago holed up in a Madison Motel I was channel surfing and the cable there has an "arts" music channel that plays music videos of classical music, ballet, and the like. I bop down to it every now and then and sometimes I watch & listen for a time. One such time made me aware of tonight's Saturday's Music piece. In fact, I post that same video tonight.

After petroleum, this bean is the worlds most traded legal commodity. What bean do I refer to? I refer to the coffee bean that makes the coffee many of us drink. I have two mugs pretty much every morning not too light not too dark.

Anyway, Today's piece is a "conversation" between a father and a daughter. The daughter likes to drink coffee and the father is not so keen on that, however at the end the father relents and his daughter can still drink coffee. The last movement essentially says that drinking coffee is natural (and is the father, the daughter, and the narrator).

The wiki entry I point to and the start of the video seem to indicate to me the piece is only the last of ten movements.

So without further typing I bring you the last movement of the Coffee Cantata by JS Bach: