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Monday, May 05, 2008

Well, what does it all tell you?


During the academic year ending in 2006, Wisconsin spent $10,190 per pupil to operate public schools, 14th highest among the states and about 8.5% more than the U.S. average ($9,390).
Fact: Wisconsin spends 8.5% more than the national average on public schools. (Source: Wisconsin Taxpayers Association)

Fact: Wisconsin’s public schools are in imminent danger of catastrophic collapse. (Source: WEAC)

Fact: 36 states (37, if they're including the District of Columbia) spend less per student than Wisconsin. (Source: Wisconsin Taxpayers Association)

My Conclusion: by now, most U.S. states must have given up trying to educate their children altogether. Which, as John Kerry and Stephen King might say, is why the military continues to meet its recruitment goals.