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Monday, May 19, 2008

Drinking The Good Kool-Aid

My dad recently went on a cruise with one of our hyper-liberal family members. This is the guy who prepares speeches for gatherings, to try and bring everyone else around to his way of thinking. I'm not kidding, I've seen his notebooks!

Anyway, at dinner one night our liberal friend got a little unsober and started spouting off loudly. My dad tells me that he shouted something to the effect: "if we do get nuked and we know what country the nukes came from, we better damn well have a president who would push the button! "

I agree. We'd better at least elect a president who's willing to put his finger on the button, look around and ask "isn't anyone gonna try to stop me?"

But, this guy can't say a republican's name without convulsing violently, so he wasn't referring to John McCain.

Was it Obama? We all know that Obama would retaliate by sending cupcakes shaped like little mushroom clouds.

Hillary? She wouldn't nuke anybody, would she? Yeah, sure, she said she would. But, nobody actually BELIEVED that baloney, did they?

One person did, I guess. It's too bad she won't be needing a running mate.