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Monday, May 19, 2008

86-year-old shipwreck found in Lake Michigan

I love stuff like this:

On the night of July 19, 1922, a 101-foot wooden tugboat steamer named the Robert C. Pringle hit something in Lake Michigan about six miles offshore of Sheboygan, and sank to the bottom like a rock.

The crew scrambled into lifeboats, made their way onto another ship that was being towed by the Pringle and steamed on to their destination in Ohio. For nearly 86 years, the wreck of the Pringle lay undisturbed 300 feet below the surface.

That was until May 10, when divers from a crew put together by Steve Radovan, a longtime Sheboygan maritime historian, were able to lower themselves into the 38-degree water with a video camera and lights to identify the Pringle and capture images of the old tugboat, remarkably in near pristine condition.
None of those images are anywhere online that I could find.

I did google Robert Pringle, and found out there’s a lot of people named Robert Pringle. Then I googled Robert C. Pringle, and found out there’s plenty of them, too.