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Monday, April 28, 2008

Still Skeptical

A lot of young, college aged men have drowned over the years after drinking. A lot of their family members have begun to question whether a serial killer might be responsible. Personally, I've been very skeptical, and I remain so. Sykes brings us this story out of the Twin Cities that lends some credence to the theory, though.

Because of extensive investigation by Duarte and Gannon, Jan Jenkins now says she knows exactly what happened to her son on the night he disappeared, Oct. 31, 2002.

"Chris was abducted in a cargo van," she said. "He was driven around Minneapolis for hours and tortured. He was taken down to the Mississippi River and he was murdered. And after that, his body was positioned and taken to a different spot and then to a different point in the Mississippi River," she said.

The story seems to offer up some circumstantial evidence of a serial killer, yet the details remain pretty vague. I won't rule the possibility of a mass murdering group out there, but I will remain very dubious until hard evidence comes out. Sometimes, when people want a certain answer that will help quell their pain, they find a way to make the facts point to the answer they want. Things like smiley-faced graffiti are ubiquitous. The investigators need a little more than this.