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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Draft wrap-up: Wisconsin Badgers Edition

Eight Wisconsin Badgers were thought to have some chance of making an NFL squad this year - half of those got picked in this weekend's NFL draft.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Former UW cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles late in the fourth round of today's NFL draft, the 131st overall pick.

Three more Badgers were selected in the sixth round -- kicker Taylor Mehlhaff to New Orleans with the 12th pick in the round (178th overall), defensive tackle Nick Hayden to Carolina with the 15th pick (181st overall) and wide receiver Paul Hubbard to Cleveland with the 25th pick (191st overall). Mehlhaff was the first kicker to be selected in this year's draft.
Center Marcus Coleman, linebacker Andy Crooks, punter Ken DeBauche, and wide receiver Luke Swan weren't selected. Neither was Justin Beaver, a running back from UW-Whitewater who'd drawn some looks.

Good luck in free agency, guys.