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Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm two days late on this, but...

...we still should say something about the last print issue of the Capital Times - Madison's "progressive" newspaper.

That issue went out on Saturday, April 26. As of today, the Cap Times is an online news service, and will be published once a week as an insert in the Wisconsin State Journal.

It's tempting to wonder whether this says anything about Progressivism in Wisconsin - if a paper as liberal as the Cap Times couldn't make it in Madison, can Progressivism really be as strong here as we think?

But I'll resist the temptation, since we can't really know that.

The Capital Times is honestly, unashamedly, RIGHT-up-front-where-we-can-see-them liberal, and - as much as reading their editorials makes me grind my teeth, I appreciate that. I'd honestly miss them, except that you can't miss something that isn't going away. They'll still be the beacon of uber-Leftism they always have been: they'll just be that electronically now, instead of on pressed dead trees.

Nevertheless, WisOpinion links to a number of eulogies from around the state (and beyond) today.

Goodbye, Capital Times. See you tomorrow.