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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Public Financing of Judicial Elections

Chris Lato at WisPundits, imagining what the recent Supreme Court election would have been like with full public financing:

Jump into the Wayback Machine with me for a moment. Imagine public financing of Supreme Court races was already in place. It is exactly one week ago, the day before the election. The last rounds of TV ads are running, over and over again. You are sitting on the couch, shaking your head, trying to find a channel, any channel, to get away from these ads.

Then, it dawns on you. YOUR tax dollars are paying for the ads! That’s your money at work!

...The next question: as part of the plan for public financing, will the messages being disseminated with taxpayer dollars be ‘regulated’? Otherwise, how will the negative messages go away?
Ooh! Ooh! I know! I know! They won't go away! Not without a big bookful of government regulations and a whole new enforcement bureaucracy to tell us what we can and can't say! Right?