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Monday, April 14, 2008

A little bit of football

The Journal Sentinel had a list over the weekend of several Wisconsin football players who have a shot at the NFL draft.

That's "Wisconsin football players" as in football players from Wisconsin - not just from UW.

There aren't any Marquette players on the list. Oh, right. They don't have a football team. Must be a really small school.

I also noticed this story about the slowly-churning quarterback competition the Badgers have going on:

Madison - Allan Evridge and Dustin Sherer have waited for the same opportunity - to be the University of Wisconsin's No. 1 quarterback.
I remember last year, when Evridge and Tyler Donovan were going through the same thing. Every report went on about how closely matched they were, which to me meant: go with the younger guy. That way, you get a starter back next year with a year’s experience.

I've no idea how well Sherer is doing, but the same rule should apply. He's a junior. Evridge is a senior this year. The third guy on the depth chart, Scott Tolzien, is a sophomore.

If all else is equal (or close enough to it), go with the younger guy.

No offense to Evridge, of course. Nothing personal. Just business.