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Friday, April 25, 2008


The House of Representatives, under a bill authored by Democrat-Socialist James Oberstar of Minnesota, is poised to seize control of all land in the United States of America. That's: All land.
I've heard and listened about Jimbo Oberstar for many years, via Jason Lewis, and Oberstar's recent press does not shine a good light in anyones eye. So it continues... And the co-sponsor on this bill, RUSS FEINGOLD.

HO-LY S***!

As The Objective Eye says:
"What it says, essentially, is that any land that has water on it at any given time, would belong to the government, not its rightful owner."

This is an activist moment, folks - get up and flood your elected officials' email inboxes, voicemail and phone lines with opposition to this noxious, gargantuan power-grab by the eco-wackos in government, HR2421.

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