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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Draft Day!

I'll be monitoring the NFL Draft today - the first round, at least - and reporting in with my highly-sought opinion on whatever the Packers do.

We did this last year (click here and page down a little) and in 2005 (same deal, page down about a third of the way), but kinda skipped it in 2006.

I'm wondering if we might hear from Kevin sometime today.

Anyway, while we're waiting for the second pick (since the Dolphins already picked Long with the first pick), here's a little speculation:

Jason Wilde projects possibly 6 Badgers to be drafted in the later rounds.

The Packers have three picks Saturday (29, 56, and 60), and 5 more on Sunday. Their first-round pick appears to be wide open:

The first-round picks the Packers are most often linked to in mock drafts are Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Flowers, Arizona cornerback Antoine Cason, Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm, USC offensive tackle Sam Baker, Purdue tight end Dustin Keller, Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo, Miami (Fla.) safety Kenny Phillips and USC tight end Fred Davis.

(Of course, last year, only two mock drafters,'s Pat Kirwan and CBS's Pete Prisco, correctly predicted the Packers would draft Harrell.)

Then again, the Packers might not draft in Round 1 at all if a quarterback-desperate team calls Thompson about a trade. After all, Thompson has executed 14 trades during his eight drafts — five with Seattle and three with the Packers — and all 14 deals were to move backward. He has never traded up, although with a deeper roster after a 13-3 season and a berth in the NFC Championship Game, this could be the year Thompson targets a specific player and goes up and gets him.
I'm all for trading down.

Updates as events require.