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Sunday, March 30, 2008

MJS Endorses Scott Walker

Well, not really. But, they tried to. With statements like this it's hard to tell who they really want us to vote for:

Absent these critical considerations, we cannot recommend her over Walker. Given our differences with Walker, we wish we could.

That's not exactly glowing praise for either candidate. If I were in Walker's shoes I'd make a point of rejecting the endorsement. It would show more spine than the individual who wrote this has. You can tell that the MJS didn't have enough courage to write what they're really thinking: vote Taylor, we know she's a dud but at least she's not a republican.

I've tried to imagine what the rough draft of this endorsement must have looked like:

Let’s get one thing straight: we can’t stand Scott Walker. For crying out loud, the man killed The Blue Shirt, a symbol of – something really important, probably. He’s also managed to keep the county from tanking while holding the line on taxes and that just can’t be tolerated.

Walker single-handedly killed the county parks, too. He literally killed them! It must be seen to be believed. Sometime in October all the leaves fell off the trees and there's no sign of recovery. We blame Scott Walker.

We’d really love to endorse his opponent, Lena Taylor. We really would. It’s just that she’s such an embarrassment we can’t risk our credibility on her, not even after we endorsed Jim Doyle for governor! The woman hasn’t got a clue how to run Milwaukee county and she openly admitted it. It's all over the Cheddarsphere now. If we endorsed her now they'd have us committed.

So, we're forced to endorse the greater of two evils. Scott Walker may be the anti-christ, but he looks damned good in a suit. Meanwhile, we'll continue wishing for the democrats to run a viable candidate. We can't stand to go through this every four years! Scott, please run for governor, of Alaska. Couldn't you at least stop acting so professional? Give us a sex scandal, or something, anything, that we can use to tarnish your reputation. Why do you have to be so damn popular, Scott? You're killing us!