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Monday, March 03, 2008

Badger Bites Back

After a hibernation of a couple of weeks, Badger Bites is back. Things seem a little quiet around the Wisconsin blogosphere, mostly because half the state is sick with a cold or flu and the other half is tired of winter, but there still are plenty of posts out there that are worth checking out.

-Shoebox at NRE looks at possible data integrity problems in climate research.

-Fred has a problem with the new, environmentally friendly compact fluoarson light bulbs.

-Lance Armstrong, a man of many shirt colors (plus you have to wonder what they had in their water bottles back in the day).

-OTBL looks at what isn't essential.

-Peter takes a long look at last week's MPD report of voter fraud.

-The rise and fall of Oshkosh blogging.

-Paul Soglin has been eating spicy food before dinner and needs a dream reader.

-Mac VerStanding relates some background on ELF.

-Elliot asks an excellent question.

-Silent E brings us an interesting case in the Sheboygan school district.