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Saturday, March 01, 2008

A thought on the Wisconsin Democrat Primary

Since the Wisconsin Primary, I've been thinking about the big Obama win on the Democrat side. The conservative crossover vote was clearly but a drop in the bucket, and while most conservatives who crossed voted for Hillary, I know that Obama still picked up some votes from that demographic. Overall, I think he might have even won the crossover vote. I've talked with a number of people in the past couple of weeks who typically identify with Republicans but aren't into politics very much. The consensus I've gotten from them is that they think a Democrat is going to win the White House this fall and that they really like Obama on a personal level. Typically, when I'd bring up Obama negatives, I'd get waved off and have to listen to generalized platitudes about change, which tells me that for those who aren't listening closely, Obama's marketing is sinking in. Some voted in the primary, some did not, but the common threads in their opinions on things lead me to believe (totally anecdotally) that he may be able to lure loosely affiliated Republican voters in November unless the McCain campaign can find a way to crack through the misty glow surrounding him.

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