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Saturday, February 16, 2008

HSAs = More Government?

Over at my place, Jack Lohman and I have been arguing about Health Savings Accounts. He doesn't like them.

I won't go through all his arguments, but one in particular one got my irony meter going. He argues that insurance companies will simply refuse to pay up, once the deductible is spent.

I counter that this is possible with any type of insurance, not just HSAs, and that's why we have government regulators like the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

Say what you want about such government functions, but it's true.

Jack's response to that:

...we certainly don't need another bureaucracy to protect the public.
That's right, this champion of single-payer "universal" health insurance doesn't like HSAs because they'll create "another bureaucracy."

OH, AND BY THE WAY: I know some of you guys draw more comments on posts about your laundry schedule, but that post of mine set a comment record for me. Thirteen.