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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Badger Bites Valentine's Day Edition

Peter has a crush on Michelle. It's all about freedom of speech, uh huh.* And don't forget some Charlie lovin'!

Todd considers Doyle's "impassioned plea."

Kathy wins my heart by pulling the curtain on those stinking cheating Pats. Hell hath no fury, &cetera! Go, Kathy!

Paul celebrates hero-worship. For and The Office. His bonus post is a riot of not-so-much Shakespeare-to-his-Fair Lord affection. C'mon, you can respect Paul's ultimate price for buyout.

Patrick McIlheran at WiDigest makes a plea for marriage, in the name of economics.

Unromantically, flashy wants a divorce with a "no handout" settlement.

Ben endures hardship for Obama, then defends McCain's Hundred Year's War. Kind of. With pretty pictures! Grumps opines Obama from afar. Or at least as far as Evansville. Which leads us to the topic of - what else? - the war. Meanwhile, Althouse experiences Obama Angst.

Jib sings a song of love gone wrong. And never uses the word 'pimping,' not even once*.

Lastly, I blog, blog, blog V-Day.

*Disclaimer: I blogged freedom-of-speech deathwatch too; and I blogged the pimpin'.