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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A quick thought about Wisconsin Politics and our friends on the left

Update: Welcome Folkbum readers(look Jay I did not swear at them I have grown and Jib said he would was my mouth out with soap lol)The fact that Jay linked to this tells me I hit closer to home than I thought ;)

I had this great thought on the Beach this weekend I guess not being cold got my brain working again.

Since now all of a sudden the Wisconsin Democratic primary actually matters(On the Right it has been a waste of time for months)

My question was and is which side Obama or Hillary will benefit from all the Voter Fraud the left in Wisconsin is known for?(save me your denials we all know you are some ballot box stuffing Mothers)

I mean right now the Democratic party is on the rocket sled to open civil war as the Obama insurgents battle the Hillary Party Machine. So my guess is only one will benefit from the fraud we know is coming but who. I believe it will be Hillary she is the Party Machines "Man"

So all of you Obama supporters welcome to our world where the buses of voters will show up at the polls at 7:30pm full of "voters" and since Jim Doyle and Tom Barrett have done nothing but fight the efforts for things like voters needing official ID you are screwed. If the machine decides to cheat for Hillary you Obama boys and girls will not be able to stop them.

Put that in your Latte and drink it :) Bwahahahahahahahaha.

Its funny when it happens to someone you do not like lol

WSB Chris