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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Badger Bites

Southern Wisconsinites tonight are nursing their sore backs. Meanwhile, Northern Wisconsinites are enjoying a little schadenfreude as their snowblowers rest in their garages. Northern or Southern, the internet is never snowbound, so enjoy tonight's trip around the Badgersphere.

-Patrick points to a new tool coming down the road for taxpayers.

-"The Church" as seen from the eyes of a Protestant.

-Wigderson wanders out on a limb and finds a VeeP candidate.

-Super delegates, super headache.

-Nostalgic for the Capital Times.

-Fraley looks at the advertising trends behind the deaths of dailies.

-Never say never?

-A lefty government in Australia displays fiscal sanity.

-Fred starts a movement to keep the death tax dead.

And a note to BBA members: I'm probably going to need a 'Bites' substitute on both Monday and Thursday next week.