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Monday, February 04, 2008

Badger Bites

Welcome to Super Tuesday Eve! All across the nation, children wait with baited breath for Sa....what, I have the wrong day? Ah, that's right, today is Christmas Eve for poligeeks, and if you're here, you're probably one of us. Although the white death is probably more important for many of us, we're on the cusp of the primaries' stretch run, and Wisconsin's talking politics. Enjoy.

-If you want to see behind the scenes of politics, there is no better place to start than the Olsen Papers.

-Speaking of ethanol mandates, is the current one dead or still lurking?

-Nick expounds on why he's drawn a line.

-Just in case you wanted to keep up on Ralph Nader, Babblemur has you covered.

-"A Conservative Case for McCain"

-Pheisty looks at smoking, choice, and a push from Minnesota.

-Dean has a Super Duper Tuesday chart for your reference.

-Marcus looks at how not to make friends.

-George Allen as the source of current Republican disarray?

-And tonight we close with a story that is funny to everyone but the parent-a poo covered toddler.