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Friday, February 01, 2008

Badger Bites Belatedly

Patrick notes "sleazy political attack dog" Todd Rongstad's current target.

Surprise! Most of you will agree with Ben: "To me he looks like the next Bob Dole." Bonus bites for the great photo.

Sean twitters over Hil and Barack, but you're probably more interested in his response as to why Mitt didn’t do better in Wednesday's debate. My question to Sean: What makes you think he's not aiming for 2012?

Paul takes a crack at helpful advice for the Superbowl. Less pithy but more to the point of recent BBA posts, Paul blogs that he's "not against tax cutting." It's just that he doesn't think the current package offers much hope.

More Superbowl dish from grumps. Me? I'm more concerned over who grumps thinks will bequeth more to their party platform.

Do not under any circumstances read Christian's thoughtful solutions for the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Unless you're naturally ireverant and can laugh at religions and blasphemy. And I know not all of y'all take kindly to that. So consider this a warning bite.

HeatherRadish signs on to the "infinite change" candidate's bandwagon. And you thought McCain was trying to work all angles...

Ed Garvey heckles Rudy on the way out, then heckles some more in a meandering piece about Edwards' exit... no, it's about Barack... no, it's about Feingold's backing, or lack of... oh, just go read.

We should all give Jib a Yep, yep, yep! for his recent turn as a political pundit. Behold, the outtakes. I laughed too, hard. For that, you deserve the Thursday off, man.

One final question: Why isn't Nick in the purple section (or any section at all) on the BBA's blog roll? C'mon - he's crazy-stumping for Ron Paul. Twice. And he talks to his baristas, who also peg him for a liberal.

*Ode to Nick. (In case you need explanation, "some one set us up the bomb.")