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Thursday, January 31, 2008

For the Record

I was generally, but not exactly correct on Señor McCain's ACU rating. The ACU gives him a lifetime rating of 82.3. Yeah, his '06 rating is bad, but in comparison to Barak Obama's 8 and Hillary's is 9 it is good.

I recall reading on the Washington Post the lifetime ACU rating of the great conservative hope Fred Thompson is 86.1 not a whole much better than Señor McCain's rating.

The reaction to Señor McCain's imminent lock of the GOP presidential nomination reminds me of the reaction some had when Mark Green secured the nomination to run for governor. Many were openly declaring Mark Green a RINO. Of course this then means James Sensenbrenner is a RINO too, as they have nearly identical ACU ratings, in fact, Mark's is a touch higher than Sensenbrenner's. Yeah, Mark's stand on corn squeezin's (they are for drinking not burning!) was less than pure but there comes a point when the effort to become ideological pure returns little.

I think most of us tend to be a touch upset when the team we back loses, this is natural. Who here doesn't feel a bit down on Monday after a Packer's loss?

That said, it is still very important for Señor McCain to pick a good VP and that VP is not Rudy.

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