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Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's about criminals, isn't it?

I agree with Eugene Kane.

It is not often that I say that, but today it is at least partial true.

In today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Eugene Kane writes:

Who's behind prison walls affects us all

Kane is correct in this statement.

In this state, no different in every other state, we want criminals behind bars.

After all, prison should be about criminals, right?

We want our criminals locked up and away from all of our communities.

Of course, if you continue to read the article beyond the title, that is where Kane and I disagree.

Most of us do not care what color the criminal's skin is.

White, black or hispanic, it does not matter- if they are criminals, then lock them up and keep them away from our families.

It is just that simple.

Having criminals behind bars does affect us all.

Having sexual predators behind bars does affect us all.

Having drug dealers behind bars does affect us all.

You get my point.

More and more we see that our criminal justice system in Wisconsin is no longer about criminals but about the communities that are sending them there.

Why should our communities have to apologize for sending criminals to jail?

Our communities should not have to apologize for sending a white criminal, a black criminal or a hispanic criminal to jail.

It is time our criminal justice system returned it's focus to the criminals