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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Are progressives trying to bribe Barack Obama?

I neglected to say anything about this post over at Fighting Bob a few days ago:

Last night 250 supporters of Barack Obama came to the progressive party at Madison's Majestic Theatre. They gave more than $6,000; heard and danced to great music from VO5, and, had fun! Peg Lautenslager started the program and she warmed up the joint for John Nichols, Joe Parisi and the star of the evening, Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Gwen was on fire.
But what about this "People's Legislature" pronouncement from a few years ago:

At the Milwaukee People's Legislature on Saturday, the group enthusiastically argued that "contributions" or "gifts" to candidates or incumbents should be labeled as "bribes."
They should all be ashamed of themselves.