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Monday, December 03, 2007

A blogger in need of thoughts and prayers

Tom, from the blog triticale - the wheat / rye guy is in need of our thoughts and prayers.

I received an email from his wife and she informed me that Tom is in Intensive Care at St. Joe's with "acute leukemia." If they can stabilize him, he should be able to pull through this, but he is going through a very rough time right now. Here is an excerpt from her email.

Tom is in St. Joe's ICU with acute leukemia. Wed AM he appeared
fine, he picked me up after work & ran several errands. 7:30 PM Wed
night his legs collapsed. We thought he had a stroke. He was
admitted to St. Joe''s with a white blood cell count of 300,000
(normal is 8,000). Thursday AM he couldn't talk, he is currently
heavily, heavily sedated (only being able to move his right thumb
every now & then just to let me know he's in there somewhere). We
have had some good news, but the bad news is they can't stabilize his
red blood cells & he's bleeding in his stomach.

I tell folks that except for the leukemia he's healthy as a horse --
which is to say, that if they can get him stabilized his strong
constitution will kick in & pull him through.

She is also thinking about stopping in at Drinking Right next Tuesday night, to meet some of the people that he husband talks about, let's all hope that Tom can join her on that trip soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tom and Deirdre Dee!