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Monday, December 17, 2007

RE: Lame Duck Congress

The irony is that when the GOP had the majority in the Senate and House they did not get any conservative based legislation passed as well (Social Security reform, Tort reform, Death Taxes, Immigration reform, Education reform). Think about this. If we were to total eliminate the Federal income tax today, the remaining amount of taxes collected by other means, would equal the tax amount of the first year of Bush's presidency. What did we get? Expanded drug benefit coverage, no child left behind, and every other bill pushed through congress minus the latest foray of recent vetos.

We are living in a time where the last 7 years the national budget has grown more that any other time in history. That's not conservatism in my book. I don't see any differences in the parties nor do I see anything proposed that can easily differentiate them, except one. When one can't differentiate between a RINO and a Democrat, the chance that a cross-over voter will vote for the GOP is slim.

Oh, the candidate who proposes eliminating the Income tax, thus bringing us back to the 2000 levels of taxation, is Ron Paul.