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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Assembly passes the pork laden budget

Once again thanks for nothing Wisconsin GOP

When this deal was first announced I thought I could live with it I took idea of the perfect is the enemy of the good. But then all the rocks were turned over and all the pork and fee increases and stupid little laws like the attack on brew pubs came to light. Sorry this budget does not even qualify as good. We would have been better off as tax payers if they had just stuck to last years budget and not passed anything.

As usual the State GutlessOP wilted in the end, why did they even bother.

Its days like today that reaffirm my decision to turn my back on the state GOP.

With Friends like these right.

Seriously why do we even bother with these people they do not listen to us they go to Madison and do their own thing. Think of that the next time you are asked for money or to man a phone bank. Think of all the hard fights we have had in the last 2 years not with the Libs but with the people controlling the "our" political party.

Every time you turn around it is US vs the State GOP automatic gas tax increase or Ethanol mandates or a myriad of other issues. Hell it is hard enough fighting the left in this state when they are bank rolled by WEAC and all the other unions and the Casinos but we always have to wage war in our own house before we can go fight them. No wonder we seem to be losing a lot lately.

Every year the Budget in Wisconsin grows and along with it our taxes they are making impossible for our seniors to stay here and any CEO worth his salt would have to be crazy to move any business to Wisconsin with our Tax Hell and Anti Business climate

Sorry to sound so defeatist but I have not seen much happening in Wisconsin's political arena to give a conservative/libertarian much hope.

You get to do with less so the bastards in Madison do not have to.