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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Call your Senator NOW!

illegalalienflagdistress.jpgMajority Leader Reid is trying to ram through the DREAM Act amnesty (S. 2205), which is a PERMANENT (not one-time) amnesty for more than just teenagers, by invoking Rule 14 and bypassing debate because the pro-amnesty lobby knows that the bill would not pass if the American people had time renew their opposition to bills that reward illegal immigration.

Proponents of the DREAM Act amnesty say that every child in America should get an education. But the DREAM Act amnesty is about a secondary education - not a primary one; and it would involve millions of illegal aliens over the age of 21 - not children. Furthermore, it gives an unfair advantage to illegal aliens over less-fortunate American students. The DREAM Act is yet another example of the U.S. Senate's misplaced priorities.

S. 2205 provides for no extra enforcement to help ensure that families around the world don't risk their teenagers' lives by forcing them to enter the U.S. illegally across the deserts. Passage of this amnesty likely would increase deaths of illegal aliens in the desert as more and more people attempt to get into the country in preparation for the next amnesty.

S. 2205 would do what all amnesties do -- entice millions more people to become illegal aliens here. The word across the world would be that immigration crime pays.

Proponents of the DREAM Act say that children shouldn't be punished for the crimes of their parents, but this amnesty would allow these amnestied "children" (anyone up to age 29 can apply) to sponsor their parents for green cards - thus REWARDING their parents for their crimes.

You need to call your Senator now, and then again, and then again, and then should be noticing a trend here. There will be two cloture votes. First cloture vote is to bring the bill to the floor. Once it's on the floor, there will be a chance for Senators to pile even worse amendments. Then there will be a second cloture vote to end "debate" and vote on the bill. The cloture votes are were it is, forty votes blocks the bill. Essentially you can stop when they turn the switchboards off.

Feingold 202-224-5323
Kohl 202-224-5653

Chris - OTBL