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Thursday, July 19, 2007

How many?

From Dave Zweifel's column today:

Indeed, there are many Republicans joining the growing chorus that wants to impeach Bush and Dick Cheney and get rid of these two guys now before they do even more damage to this great country of ours.
"Many" Republicans, Dave?

How many is "many?" And these people you call Republicans - how much money did they give John Kerry in 2004?

You know what might have been a nice addition to that statement? A name or two. Or a number. Something substantive, that might indicate you're not just making it up. That it isn't just some ridiculous trope that got away from you before you realized what you were saying. That this isn't just a bit of wishful thinking that's bounced around the Capitol Times' echo chamber so long that you've begun to believe it.

I mean, if you'd written "there are many Republicans dissatisfied with the Bush administration;" or "many Republicans who want the troops brought home;" or even "many Republicans who are looking forward to having someone else in the White House."

But Republicans who want to impeach Bush and Cheney?

More likely, they're just calling themselves Republicans, because they think it gives them more credibility when they criticize Republicans.

If it's anybody at all, that is.