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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remember Chappaquiddick

Mary-Jo-Kopechne.jpgOn July 18, 1969, 38 years ago today, Senator Kennedy drove his car off a wooden bridge on Chappaquiddick Island.  Mary Jo Kopechne, a young campaign worker, died in the accident.  Kennedy immediately fled the scene and didn't report the accident for seven hours.  Later tests would determine that Mary Jo had survived the collision; she died about an hour after the crash.  Kennedy left that poor women in his car to die, he only cared about saving his considerably sized ass.He was only convicted of leaving the scene of an accident; his family stepped in and used their considerable influence to get the murder charges dropped.

For that he received a suspended two-month jail term and one-year driving suspension. After surfacing from the vehicle, he made no attempt to save Mary Jo and actually returned to party he was at earlier.  After trying to sober up, he recruited the help of two of the people at the party. Why didn't Kennedy seek the help of Pierre Malm, who only lived 125 yards from the bridge in plain site?  At the inquest Kennedy was unable to answer this question. Also surrounding the incident are claims that Mary Jo may not have died by drowning.  John Farrar, the diver who removed Mary Jo from the car, claimed she was "too buoyant to be full of water".  Additionally, Gene Frieh, the undertaker, told reporters that death "was due to suffocation rather than drowning".

Sounds like a classic case of a cover-up through the Kennedy influence that was widely known at the time in the Chappaquiddick area.  Now we have Kennedy touting for justice in the nations senate and decrying justice for the 'victims' of the vast right wing conspiracy.

What a hypocrite.  What does this say about the people who support him and his party?