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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bonds Closes In

Barry Bonds hit two homers today in Chicago, which puts him three two away from tying Hank Aaron's record.

And guess where he's playing the next three days. Yep, Milwaukee. The very city where Aaron both started and ended his major league career.

Is it fate? I say no!

It is incumbent upon every Brewers pitcher to not allow this to happen. Imperative. If he's going to break the record, he can damn well go home and break it there.

Please note that we at the BBA in no way condone beaning Bonds every single time he steps up to the plate. Although this would prevent him from breaking the record while in Milwaukee and might even be fun to watch, we urge the Brewers' pitching staff to resist the temptation.

UPDATE - today, July 20, is the anniversary of Hank Aaron's 755th and last home run of his career, hit at Milwaukee County Stadium.