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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

RE: Re: Marlin's Doomsday Plan for America

Gee, what can I say about this that won't jeopardize my position...

"Thanks for your concern and I hope my parents are taken care of" seems about right.

No seriously. I had a good laugh when I read that post by Owen.

First of all, it seems that "Snarlin' Marlin" is quite the fan of the recently resurrected CBS drama "Jericho." Secondly, for a man who's been in government as long as his has been, I'm shocked he's that dumb.

(No, not really.)

COG (Continuation of Government) Plans exist. They're highly classified, meaning only a select few know their details. Executive Orders from the President are constantly being written to ensure the executive branch functions in case COG is needed.

Secondly, the reality of a doomsday plan wiping out every single Cabinet Secretary at once is a pipe dream. They're constantly moving and constantly out of the city. The chances of bagging all of them is nuts. Someone usually survives.

So some aspect of the current administration continues in the form of the surviving Secretary. (See the new Battlestar Galactica.)

Congress is supposed to have it's own COG plan, of which the Executive Branch is not supposed to have a say in succession. Crazy little thing called "Checks and Balances" I suppose.

Elections will happen, it's just a matter of when the country is logistically able to hold them.

As for a Constitutional Amendment: It's overkill. COG plans are supposed to do the job, and let's be honest, sad as it is, the Constitution's going to be an after thought in the moments right after the chaos of the unthinkable.

Finally, most COG plans have some aspect of Martial Law in them; all of them timing out after a period of a month. Schneider's insane if he thinks local authorities can handle the magnitude of the situation. You're going to need a military presence, you're going to need order, and that means Martial Law.