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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Re: Marlin's Doomsday Plan for America


If Washington DC was wiped out, what good would the Constitution be? The wiping out of DC would mean the loss of the SCOTUS, the Congress, the Administrative, and most importantly Kevin! What would happen then? Even with the amendment, I think the military would impose some rather draconian measures to make sure our federation did not dissolve, to find out what happened and go after those that made it happen, and then to restore things as best as possible. When the last of those items is accomplished I have every confidence the military would step down and continue with its proper role.

I do not fear a permanent state of martial law but those who think if DC is wiped out things will continue on as normal are not visionary they are ostriches. In fact a lot of serious commentators speculate any attack taking out any medium to large US city will precipitate such a response regardless of who is in the Oval Office.