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Sunday, June 03, 2007

An Anniversary Worth Celebrating...

Since my own blog is now officially gone, I guess this is the only place I can say this to you all.


In case some of you might have forgotten, exactly one year ago today, my dad went into St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee and had a heart transplant.

Last Thanksgiving, a day many of my siblings thought wouldn't have included him given the severity of his Congestive Heart Failure, the universal thing were thankful for was summed up best in as simple a statement as this.

"I'm thankful the old man got a new heart."

So thanks to all of you who sent the kind words, your thoughts, and prayers.

To celebrate the one-year mark, those in my family who are able to come home, will be having a party this afternoon. That won't include me since my schedule won't allow it.

I'll be calling shortly to congratulate my father for making the one-year mark. There I'll tell him what I hope to tell him in person next year; that I'm grateful he's my dad, and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Have a good Sunday folks.