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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kane only likes democracy when his side has the numbers

Great line from the MJS race baiter in his column on illegal guns.

This was a mainly white crowd of NRA supporters or sympathizers, which wasn't exactly what bill supporters had hoped for when they persuaded state Sen. G. Spencer Coggs to hold a hearing on the north side of Milwaukee.

Sorry Eugene but that is how democracy works if the White folks are willing to get off their asses and drive all the way to 27th and North for the meeting it is not their fault they outnumbered the people who live right by the meeting site.

Why should I have more rules/laws put on my gun ownership in response to crimes committed by thugs on the North Side of Milwaukee. Every one of the apologist for what is going on on the North Side of Milwaukee wants blame the gun. Not the people committing the crime, not the Gang Thug Culture that glorifies the violence.

Eugene I have enough guns of various types to take out a good city block if I chose to. I am a gun owner not a gun lover as you like to call us but unlike the thugs who are killing people on the North side I believe in and follow the "Rule of Law"

That is the difference Eugene when I get upset I do not go grab my "nine"(weak ass round it was designed to kill Europeans) and go looking to get me some respect.

Keep ignoring the real reason why the North Side is a war zone, keep teaching your children the Police are the enemy and that "Stop Snitching" is a slogan to be proud of.

But stop whining that gun owners are better at practicing democracy then you would have them be.

I wonder does Eugene complain when WEAC gets their members to go and fill the room when their are hearings on education or when the Union thugs get their members to make their opinions heard on issues that they support.

It is not the guns that are destroying the North side of Milwaukee Eugene and until you realize that you are part of the problem.

Chris 2