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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Write Mike Huebsch

Per Sykes, Mike Huebsch may be waivering on the gas tax increases.

Republican Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch is not so sure. "It is very likely to go back to consumers." But Huebsch is so concerned about highway construction and maintenance being delayed statewide because of lack of funding, he does not rule out this oil profits tax to support wisconsin's roads. "I haven't made a position on the oil franchise fee. I think what we need to do is find ways to be more efficient in transportation, but where there is need for more dollars, look at all the options that are out there," Huebsch said. "This is one of those that's out there."

Speaker Huebsch needs to understand that any tax or fee increase is off the table. Consumers cannot absorb any more gas taxes.

Write, call, email, or send a carrier pigeon.

BE POLITE! Any rudeness will be tossed out.

Here is a link to Rep. Huebsch's contact information.