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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wisconsin Blog Summit Round Up

The Wisconsin Blog Summit was held yesterday at Marquette University. My personal apologies to the first panel for walking in late, but I have a 'dog ate my homework' excuse: I got stuck in a traffic jam. In the little city of Jefferson.

For those of you who weren't there, here is a not-quite complete run down of what panelists and attendees had to say about it.

Fred has a special edition of MRQ. All the quotes are accurate-I watched him type them up.
MyFox Milwaukee has video coverage of the event.
GOP3 live blogged the summit.
Owen enjoyed the event, especially the after summit activities.
Sean's favorite part was the after summit activities.
For Pete, it was a good "get to know you" event.
Jesse at Dane101 has a lot to say.
For themselves, it looks like their main focus was the diversity of the blogosphere.
Nick has pretty in depth coverage.

Aaron appreciated the legal advice.
Elliot has a 'rule of 50.'
Steve provides some commentary on the summit.
Rick Esenberg has 9 comments.
Charlie Sykes goes a little deeper into his rule of five and he makes an announcement.
James Wigderson has some comments on the diversity theme vs. the corporate blogging theme.
All I could find from Jay was the text of his non-delivered opening speech.
Scott Feldstein enjoyed the post-summit festivities as well.

If I missed your post on the summit, let me know in the comments.