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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Invoking the C-Word

Settle down. I'm talking about CAPITALISM. But to the left, capitalism is worse than any profanity I could conjure up. Capitalism has always been the disdain of the left. It’s anti-thesis, Marxism and Socialism, while a complete failure anywhere it has been tried, has a new “ism” in which to hang it’s hat; Environmentalism. I can hear the rant telling me, “There he goes again, calling people socialists. There are polar bears drowning for Christ’s sake. Those animals and trees were here first.” But bear with me; pun intended.

Nothing can be more important to the leftists than the destruction of individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we know it. In the past they said individual liberty and pursuit of happiness would lead to exploitation, monopoly, and depression. Today, it leads to destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, and global warming. Both want someone to suffer and die; the one, the capitalists and the rich, for the alleged sake of the wage earners and the poor; the other, a major portion of all mankind, for the alleged sake of the lower animals and inanimate nature. And how do they do that? Ah, centralized government control over economic activity. Like say, Kyoto? Curbing global warming? What a scheme! Where else can you mask global wealth distribution under the guise of saving the planet from greenhouse gases, saving the polar bears, and anything else that is furry and cuddly? Science be damned, they say. How dare we question their facts and motives. Heck, half of them don’t even know what the consequences would really be, or what their movement is even doing.

You better heed this warning. So much shit has been thrown at the wall, some of it is bound to stick. So much so that some claim it is already “settled”. Either we become socialistic; the government is the only entity that can compel by force of property seizure, capital confiscation, and corrective labor camps, or we expose the fallacy of man made global warming and the economic devastation it would have to the world.

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By not acting you are telling the government that it is ok to tell you what you can and can’t do on your own property, what kind of vehicles and transportation you can use, what kind of products you can buy, what you can eat, drink, and even who you can associate with. As for me, I’ll continue to do whatever I can to make people aware of the lefts motives and methods, and prepare for the coming revolution.