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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time to clean up the BBA side bar

As a self described link whore, I am taking it upon myself to clean up the links on the BBA sidebar(I have 4 hours a week to kill while the Tsar is at gymnastics practice)

So I am going to go through every link on the sidebar one by one and try to update them move them if needed and remove the dead ends.

If you want to get your blog added to the BBA side bar please do the following

Email me at

A. give me your complete and up to date URL

B. Blog name(some are different than the URL)

C. Which group you want to be listed in RED Blue or Purple.

That is pretty much it I am going to start this Saturday. For any new blogs out there this is a golden opportunity to get listed, I am going to try and get the sidebar back to what it once was the place to find a link. I for one always use the BBA Blue list when I want to take a rare tour through the Lefty blogs

So help us help you

Chris 2