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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bringing it Home

Two items on the immigration bill:

First, from Ed Morrissey, some numbers: two takes on the cost to taxpayers.

Second, from Stanley Kurtz, the oxymoronic power of the legislative pen:

The immigration bill as a whole is a monstrosity, but the supposed shift from family unification to a merit-based point system is the section of it I’ve been focusing on. ("Unassimilated extended clan creation" might be a better term than "family unification." The current system goes way beyond immediate family, and is particularly dangerous when applied to cultures–like Muslim culture–that build themselves around extended clans.) The fundamental absurdity of this "reform" is that the bill actually provides for eight years of increased family unification before the point system fully kicks in. That’s a killer right there as far as I’m concerned. This bill actually aggravates the problem it’s supposed to be curing.