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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Super NANNY to the Rescue!!

So you're not sure if there really is an effort by the "Establishment" to raise your kids for you, are ya?

Here was an email sent to all employees of a local school district in our neck of the woods that I'm sure was sent to all other school districts as well.

I just love they way they can talk for the so-called 2/3's of us out here in the state of Wisconsin.

Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 8:46 AM
To: All Staff

Subject: FW: [Wi_afterschool_state_network] Time is NOW to contact Governor Doyle about afterschool funding!]
Importance: High


Dear Partner in Afterschool,

As you know, Governor Doyle is in the process of crafting his 2007-09 State Budget. One of the funding priorities his is considering would provide $5 million annually to support after-school/before-school programs. This proposal is based on the work of the Wisconsin Afterschool Network and forwarded to the Governor by State Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster in her biennial budget request.

The time is NOW to let the Governor know that state investment in afterschool is a priority for citizens across Wisconsin.

Please take a few minutes in the next 3 weeks to send a message to Governor Doyle supporting inclusion of the Before and Afterschool funding proposal. Below are points to include in your message but also feel free to share your own personal story.

Afterschool is a wise public investment and I urge you to include in your 2007-09 Biennial State Budget the afterschool funding proposal forwarded by State Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster that provides $5 million annually to support before and after school learning opportunities.

This deliberate investment will help make it possible for existing programs to continue and expansion of afterschool opportunities to meet the unserved need.

Investment in afterschool has wide public support. In a recent survey, two-thirds of voters believe that federal and state tax dollars should be used to expand afterschool programs to make them accessible for all children. Of those surveyed, sixty-nine percent said they support increased funding for afterschool even if it leads to a tax increase.

Between the hours of three and six p.m. children are most at risk of being involved in dangerous behaviors or becoming victims of crime. Afterschool programs keep kids out of trouble by providing safe and structured time during these critical afternoon hours. In Wisconsin, afterschool programs have contributed to the sharp drop in the number of young people having contact with the juvenile justice system.

More than one-third of Wisconsin's children are unsupervised in the hours between the end of the school day and their parent's workday. Afterschool programs benefit the entire family by giving parents the security of knowing their children are in a safe place involved in enriching activities, consequently helping them to balance work and family responsibilities.

Research shows that afterschool programs contribute to students' academic achievement. A UW study of sixty-four afterschool programs found that teachers reported these programs promoted better behavior and improved academic performance of participants.

Sending a message to the Governor is EASY - open this link to email Governor Doyle: Contact Us and follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - enter your contact information.
Be sure to fill-in all requested information. You want to hear back from the Governor and this will be the information used to reply to you.

Step 2 - enter the type and subject of your message.
For the message type, use the pull down menu and choose General Information.
For the email subject, type in Afterschool Funding.

Step 3 - enter your message using some of the points listed above.

Step 4 - click the box Send My E-mail and your message is in the Governor mailbox.

Finally, please share this information with other individuals, organizations and groups you know who support afterschool and the $5 million funding proposal. The more messages supporting this funding proposal Governor Doyle receives the higher priority it takes as he completes his 2007-09 State Budget.

Thank you!
Wi_afterschool_state_network mailing list
I wonder if they would be willing to have supper ready and on the table for me when I get home from work too?

See comment(s) as well.

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