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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Is the BBA going to be converted to the new Blogger?

Anyway, mountain climbing is in the news of late. With the Mt. Hood disaster, the missing woman from Appleton, and the recent conclusion of the Discovery Channel serial on climbing Mt. Everest. More mountain climbing news.

Here is a brief story on my experience mountain climbing. Why do I talk about this now? Apparently Steve Wieckert (R-Appleton) is going to climb the Mt. Kilimanjaro. The climb is not technical (it can be depending on the route taken) and he improves his chances of peaking by spending an extra night at the second camp. It starts out warm and ends in freezing weather.

Still, the last hour or so before peaking is going to be three steps, stop try to catch breath, three steps, stop try to catch steps,...

Steve, after your climb head to Zanzibar and slum about the old stone city drinking Castle Beers & eating lobster.