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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Big Ten will post a losing Bowl record this year.

Six Big Ten teams have played their Bowl Games, and one more has yet to play theirs (Go Buckeyes!). Thus far, we're 2-4. That's a sub-.500 season.


A few thoughts:

Wisconsin did our part, no matter how bad we looked in the second half.

Some sub-thoughts:

Arkansas is one dangerous team. The Badger defense deserves most of the credit for this win.

Play of the game: Wisconsin punting in the 2nd quarter, the punt is BLOCKED and rolls deep into Badger territory. Badger punter Ken DeBauche chases and recovers the ball, and throws what I assumed (at that moment) to be a pass out-of-bounds, which would have been a great heads-up play. But no! He's found an open receiver, who catches the ball for a first down!

Negated, of course, by an illegal-man-downfield penalty, which was to be expected on a play like that. But still. Arkansas had to take the penalty, the Badgers kicked again, and what could have been a game-changing play in the Razorbacks' favor became a pretty decent punt.

Also on the same play, another Badger (don't know who) had the wherewithal to throw a block on the only Razorback to come close to the ball, before DeBauche recovered it. That also prevented absolute disaster.
Michigan had the biggest responsibility as our representative in the Rose Bowl, and blew it. It is my sincere hope that this will end all the dreck about how the Wolverines deserved to be in the championship game.

I know some will disagree with that last statement, and say that Ohio St. - playing for the national championship - has the biggest responsibility. Crazy talk! The Rose Bowl is far more important, and USC the more immediate enemy.

But as low as Michigan should be hanging their heads right now, the real fault lies with Minnesota. They blew a 31-point, 3rd quarter lead to Texas Tech. Shame! Shame! Nothing but shame!
UPDATE - Minnesota head coach Glen Mason has been fired.