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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Harr-eye & Nanc-eye Are Dead Heads.

Oh freakin' no! HT Drudge who also points out a story that talks about Nanc-eye Pelos-eye being a 'Head. Sooner or later I guess it was bound to happen. Oh well, if they start talking weird (who can tell) we will know what is going on.

I been to a few shows (all Alpine Valley from '86 through '89 and at one time I had a bootleg collection that was growing) and what I found amazing was how a group of people who were so strongly conforming detested conformance. One of my 'Head college buddies who was usually in 'Head uniform complained about having his car searched each & every time a cop pulled him over. I told him simply he was every bit in uniform as was the police officer pulling him over.

I wonder if Harr-eye & Nanc-eye get searched? Oh well, one may mistake Nanc-eye for being an anti-Head given how sharply she dresses.

Yes, dumping my bootleg collection & CDs occurred to me but was quickly dashed. The Dead don't pick & choose their fans. This begs for some 60s psychedelic art featuring the two Eyes! Heheheh.