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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Guvs gift to the tribes...

In a stunning lack of common sense today. Jim Doyle is announcing that the proposed $1 a pack increase in cigarette taxes is not enough for him and he is endorsing a $1.25 a pack increase moving Wisconsin's tax per pack of cigarettes to $2.02. (God forbid we not be among the five highest taxed anything)

They are trying to use tax policy again to legislate behavior, same old liberal social engineering.

I ask you who are the benefactors of this tax increase?Any businesses in neighboring states that sell cigarettes will see an increase in business as people cross borders to feed their habits.

But in addition, the Indian tribes who have smoke shops in their casinos will see a huge influx of people going there to avoid the state tax the casinos are exempt from. Of course the casinos do not pass all the savings along, they mark their smokes up to a point where their profit is much higher than retailers who have to pay the taxes, but their prices are marginally lower.

This will be of huge benefit to the casinos that just dropped how many hundreds of thousands into the Governors re-election campaign?

One thing is certain they will have to hire extra people to count all the windfall profits coming their was as a result of horrid tax policy.

Furthermore, when Jim Doyle was telling us how hard he worked to balance the budget, you remember the one they found the almost $2 billion hole in after Doyle won, why didn't he tell us about all the tax increases and fee increases he was in favor of?


This is only the beginning people. Hold onto your wallets, pick up those phones and call your legislators, fire up those keyboards and send those emails tell them Wisconsin taxes are high enough.

Tell the Governor to stop rewarding those who put him in office and start fighting for the people and lowering our ridiculous tax burden.

As if that is not bad enough Doyle is also planning to ban smoking in every workplace in the state including every restaurant and every tavern.

This is just plain wrong. Look if you own a business and you want to allow smoking in it, that is your concern, not the governors. Let the market work.

There are places that allow smoking and ones that don't, there is a market for each.

Tell me how many people die by drunk driver every year? I don't see the Guv banning alcohol for everyone's greater good, or increasing taxes on alcoholic beverages by 162%.

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