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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dan Vrakas still owes the Waukesha Taxpayers 2.2 million dollars

Was met this morning by this article in the MJS by Reporter Scott Williams

The headline reads Vrakas touts successes thus far. After rocky start, county exec says he's on track

Ok I will play the game, What success thus far and on track to do what raise our taxes more in the next budget.

Here is the line of the interview where Dan proves that our support of him in October was a Mistake. When he was asked had he made any mistakes in so far he answers "NO" See he still thinks he did the right thing when he gave the board 88% of the tax increase they wanted.

He states "I have set a clear tone" yeah that he is a liar.

I had almost been brought around by someone to give him a second chance but after seeing his attitude in this article to hell with that.

Here's the deal, as far a I am concerned Mr Vrakas is starting the 07 budget with a 2.2 million dollar hole. So even if he slashes the budget I am going to count that figure against him. So even if he "holds the line and come in with a zero percent increase(which I doubt he will) he is still 2.2 million in the hole.

I am still going on record that I hope we can find someone to run against Taxing Dan and make his time as County Ex a very short one.

Sorry Dan but as the Who sang "We don't get fooled again."