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Monday, June 08, 2009

Do whales chase their tales?

OMG!!! Chris is a fan of Whale Wars too!

Just in time for UN World Oceans Day!

Sometimes the Sea Shepherds' tactics are all too lamely pulled off, from what I've seen so far.

I find I'm rooting for both sides - the hippie pirates and their crazy antics and then the evil corporate killers.

First off, PIRATES!!!

Second, no one else will take on the job of making sure our seas aren't raped to death, even if in terms of "law" the hippie pirates only have a UN mandate (buried somewhere in here) to oversee restrictions on commercial whale hunting, with no specific procedure or oversight.

Which, of course, conflicts with my Libertarian-leaning stance on economics and free-market support of a business that happens to be repugnantly slaughtering whales. Under the pathetic guise of "research" and the loopholes between International Whaling Community regulations and UN Convention on the Law of the Sea recommendations.

I find the lynch pin if fascination is their tussle over notions of "International Law." I support coalitions of nations working together to protect common interests, but this crosses a line I just can't cross. The Japanese have a right to manage their waters, but they've ranged far beyond their own seas.

Does the UN have uhthoruh-tie in this situation? Should they?

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