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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Calling Capper Out on this one

"But I still believe that there needs to be solid, enforceable, and meaningful limitations to get some kind of grip on this epidemic." Capper

I have only a couple of requests/questions for Capper

First would be spell out your "Solid Enforceable and Meaningful Limitations" that you would place on our 2nd Amendment Rights. And please tell us how you would do this without violating the part that says "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" I really would like to see how you would do this?

Second come on it is terrible that the 17 people you site were killed, but I am sorry using the world epidemic is just over the top hysteria by you to try and scare people into giving up a right. How many Americans died in the last two weeks from Drunk Driving? or hell just from Automobile accidents I am sure it dwarfs the number of people who died from gun shots but you do not have a problem with those deaths, do you? Since this not about deaths when you get right down to it as I have stated before this is about power. That is why Capper and his Ilk want to place "Solid Enforceable and Meaningful Limitations" on a right so important the Founding Fathers placed it in the Bill of Rights.

Oh and Capper I do carry a gun on me in the woods since I have a 350lb bear and at least one wolf pack running the property I stay on. Better to be safe than sorry like I always tell you it is your right to be a victim but I love my wife and children hell I even love myself so I would rather try at least have the chance to protect them and myself if needed. Not that I would shed too many tears if you were eaten by a bear :)

Oh thank you for confirming that my Gun Porn Posts bother you, that is one of the main reasons I do them to bug people like you. Nice to know they are having the desired effect :)

So here we are all waiting to see if Capper will spell out his ""Solid Enforceable and Meaningful Limitations" on your 2nd Amendment Rights.