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Friday, January 23, 2009

A question for Liberal Milwaukee County Tax Payers

Does it bother you at all when you are the ones picking up the tab for a trip like this.

I am sorry if this was one of my local politicos, I would be burning up their phone lines this morning and saying in my best Rickie Ricardo voice "You have some Sussplaining to do"

I mean this is criminal if you ask me to pay $644.00 a night for a Comfort Fraking Inn????

Come on that is insane. Let me put price into perspective that amount of money would get you a Club level, 1 Bedroom 2 room Suite, City view, High floor at the San Fransisco Ritz-Carlton.(a lovely hotel that I have been lucky enough to stay at)

So Milwaukee County Supervisor Toni Clark stuck you Milwaukee County taxpayers with a Ritz bill to stay at a comfort inn.

And lets be honest there was one reason and one reason only Clark and Coggs went on this junket and it had nothing to do with meeting lobbyists. This was a Junket pure and simple to see "The One" ascend to Mount Olympus.

So once again let me ask people like Jay and Capper, are you cool with these two County Supervisors taking in the the Ascension on your dime? It is your money not mine so if you are cool I am cool with it. I mean it is not like Milwaukee County had anything else they could have spent that money on right?

Curious to see what if any answer I get on this