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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I really need to start going to the Oconomowoc Common Council meetings

So I can tell them to stop doing stupid things like being in favor of stuff like this

Oconomowoc backs high-speed rail proposal

Here is my question how can it be High Speed if it is going to stop in every Poe Dunk town like Watertown and Oconomowoc?

Why do I need a high speed train to go to Milwaukee? I can be in Milwaukee in less than 30 minutes from Oconomowoc hell I can get to Chicago in 90 minutes if the traffic is right.

How much will this Choo Choo cost we tax payers? Because you know it will never pay for itself.

Maybe we can pay for it with some of those Magic FEDERAL dollars that do not come from tax payers like all the Governors and Mayors want to do as they beg for scraps and bailouts from DC.

Government at all levels is stupid