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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Okay, maybe not

Jo Egelhoff dumps all over my hope that Wisconsin might still get a Governor Barbara Lawton. Her reason: Governor Doyle won't ever get a spot in Obama's administration, because he'll never pass Obama's 7-page questionnaire.

What would the Obama folks say about a $300 fine for violating Wisconsin’s ethics laws by accepting Packer tickets? Pay ‘n play or just a friendly game of football?

Or what would they say about the trumped-up Green campaign allegations by Doyle buddy/lawyer Michael Maistelman?

Or what would they have said when Doyle wouldn’t give his $10,000 donation back after Governor Blagojevich’s buddy and top campaign fundraiser Christopher Kelly was indicted and ultimately convicted of federal corruption charges?

And then there’s Travelgate and those close associations with Tony Rezko and Dennis Troha and Nick Hurtgen. And Marc Marotta wasn’t one that escaped pay-to-play allegations either. Now ….. who am I forgetting?

No Lance. Governor Doyle might even be more hot to handle than Governor Richardson. Neither guv gets past that 7-page scandal-avoidance triple-check.
Okay, so I forgot about the questionnaire. And who knows - Governor Lawton might be an extremely effective governor. Still. Can't a guy dream?